Valhalla was proclaimed as a suburb in the 1930’s. the first house was build in 1937 in Bothma Road by Willem van As.  According to the Norse mythology, Valhalla means an ‘enormous, majestic hall’ where the God Odin stayed. The word ‘Valhalla”means “hall of slain”.

Laerskool Valhalla was the first school in the suburb. It opened its doors in January in 1956 with 216 learners and 7 teachers.  Mr. J.D. le Roux was the appointed as acting principal at the time and the first permanent principal appointed at Laerskool Valhall was Mr. Grimsehl. Mr. Grimsehl was only principal for a period of three months where he was succeeded by Mr. S.C.J. van Rensburg.

In 1969 learner numbers had risen to 1142 and Laerskool Swartkop was built. In 1972 Laerskool Wierdapark was built as the numbers had once again risen.  In 1965 Valhalla Primary, the first English Medium School was built in Valhalla.

In 1974 Mr. van Rensburg retired and Mr. B.J.M. Vorster took over as principal.  Mr. Vorster retired at the end of 1996 after 20 years of service at Laerskool Valhalla.  In 1998 Mr. Barnard became principal and during his term of service, Laerskool Valhalla became Vhalliespark Primary School, a diverse English Medium School.  Mr. D. Barnard retired in 2011 and the current principal is Mrs. M. Pillay who was appointed in 2013.